Monday, August 13, 2007

Scenes from the Causeway Coast

TOURISTS STARE OUT at Larrybane Bay from Carrick Island in County Antrim. The island is only accessible by a rope bridge. Fisherman started using a rope bridge to get to the island 350 years ago because migrating salmon pass right by the rocks.

The ruins of Dunluce Castle. Formerly the home of the King of Ulster, the castle was abandoned in the 17th century after part of the kitchen fell into the sea while servants were preparing Christmas dinner.

A pair of reenactors firing matchlock muskets at Dunluce Castle.

The Giant's Causeway, which according to legend, was built by Finn McCool, a giant who commanded the King of Ireland's armies. McCool wanted a causeway to Scotland, the legend says, to either meet a woman or to do battle with a Scottish giant.

A surf shop and a church in the town of Portrush.

Colorful homes along the harbor in Portrush.

Visitors enjoying ice cream on a bench along Portrush's East Strand beach front.

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Terri said...

This photo blog is such a great idea! I am so impressed with the quality of the story-telling in the photos and how the "artistic eye" has grown from the very early pictures to now. I can't wait to read the stories and see the full site up.

Good luck with the deadlines!